HealthOperator specializes in remote health monitoring services. Modern, cutting edge technology and service solutions enable the continuous monitoring of the ability to function of the elderly, the disabled or or persons with mental problems. Our services are based on wireless sensors and intelligent algorithms. They generate accurate reports about the activities and wellbeing of the residents for caregivers and relatives. We combine different technologies to one single platform for the ease of use on different devices.

Alert services

Automatic alerts to help and protect the individual’s everyday life at home or nursing homes:

  • Intelligent sensors
  • Automatic alerts
  • Social alarm system
  • Wristband

Activity monitoring

Preventive activity monitoring services provide information of the wellbeing and performance of the individual and encourage to live an active life:

  • Automatic reporting
  • Activity wristband
  • Wellbeing status

Rehabilitation and domiciliation

Technology for supporting rehabilitation and domiciliation generate data and information to aid the recovery process and inform the caregivers or relatives if there’s need for help at home:

  • Wellbeing status
  • Video connection
  • Automatic alerts
  • Activity level

Outdoor positioning

Moving at yards and further outdoor locations can be controlled with our positioning services:

  • Emergency button
  • Mobile application
  • GPS-positioning
  • Safe areas with geo-fencing

Different technologies through one platform

We want to make our customer’s life as easy as possible. All our services are interoperable and integrate with one cloud based application. Our user interface is accessible with any mobile device or desktop. Our home gateway also serves as a platform for all our devices and upgrades to support new technologies and gadgets.

Our services make monitoring of health and wellbeing remotely easy and convenient. For example, the medical staff can see the status and reports of all their patients from one place, all at once. At the same time, it’s possible to provide the same information to the patient’s relatives for them to be involved in the care of their loved ones.

OMAseniori security service UI

Technology partner for healthcare services

The increase of home care and the optimization of quality and processes demand new technology to be used at home. We bring this technology as a service to healthcare organizations and individuals. With our mobile operator service model, we can swiftly distribute and deliver products and services and provide a broad selection of them. This also allows us to quickly adopt and bring new technologies to our customers when needed. The cost of using new technologies and products decrease significantly to our customers and enhance the process of having cutting edge technology always in use.

We take care of the performance,operation, maintenance, installation and supervision of our services, so you can focus on your own specialities – Serving your customers!