Healthcare is moving to homes and changing to a preventive and personal service. Sensors and artificial intelligence are integrating to our everyday lives without us even noticing. It’s in our walls, furniture, mirrors etc. Remote monitoring and diagnostics are being automatized to serve efficiently individual people as well as the healthcare industry. To adapt to this evolution, new, easy and affordable services have to be created fast. The technology is already here, and we’re here to provide it to all.


We bring a new kind of medical alert systems for the elderly, aiding them to live longer and safer at home without compromises. Our services adapt to different life situations. They can help our customers to live at home safely alone or with a partner, help caregivers and medical staff in their daily routines and allow seniors to maintain an active and healthy life.

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For business’ and public organizations, we’re the technology partner for healthcare services. We provide all the in-home technology and its installation as a full service. Emergency phones, video services, sensor based wellbeing and activity monitoring, anomaly notifications, remote measurement – we provide it all. Installation, maintenance and upgrading, all fast and reliably so that you can concentrate fully to your tasks.

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