OMAseniori – more than an emergency phone

HealthOperator’s OMAseniori elderly care service promotes senior citizens’ safe, independent living at home.

OMAseniori alerts when a person living at home might need help. This may happen in case of an accident or a sudden illness. OMAseniori notifies automatically even when a person living alone isn’t able to raise an alarm for example due to injury.

OMAseniori offers protection and security. For caregivers and possible care service providers the service offers piece of mind and a possibility to help when needed.

Automatic and intelligent

  • Sensor-based self-learning solution which learns the senior’s daily rhythm
  • Recognizes deviations in daily routines
  • Automatic alerts and notifications online, by email or by SMS.
  • Alert messages relayed to caregivers or to 24/7 control room.


Easy to use and discreet

  • Does not require any actions nor retention from the resident
  • No wearables, no charging
  • Delivery and installation included
  • Option to use the alarm button
  • Elegant design

Active data and monitoring

  • Detailed activity reports
  • Provides information on daily routines such as sleep, eating and physical activity
  • Information of leaving and being at home.

About OMAseniori

The service consists of equipment installed at home and an application with intelligent algorithm. It gathers activity data learning the resident’s normal daily rhythm.

In abnormal situations, the service sends notifications to the predetermined caregivers, so they know to check the situation and provide help if needed. If there are no deviations in the daily routines, OMAseniori doesn’t send any messages. The residents status is also shown in the application. It’s also possible to have speech connection through the OMAseniori central unit.

The service operates in a reliable mobile network and includes the technology required. The sensors installed to walls and doors include long-lasting batteries and do not require drilling or wiring.