Our next service, OMAtempo, is based on a cardio measurement platform. Our intention is to measure long-term hearth and respiratory rates and use intelligent algorithms to detect and alert deviations. We are currently discussing with different sensor developers to find robust and low energy consumption bed sensors for our pilot testing. Our goal is to find wireless sensors, which operate for example in the energy-efficient 868 MHz frequency band.

Pregnancy and baby’s first months cause a lot of uncertainty for parents. But – embryo’s and baby’s wellbeing can already be measured with various sensor technologies. The focus of our third service platform, OMAjuniori, will be in bringing peace of mind for parents and parents to come.

Diabetes is one of our most common diseases. New easier ways to measure blood sugar level are being researched and developed globally. We are following this development closely with our intention to bring our OMAtaso platform – easy to use, fully automated diabetes solution – to the market.